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Are you the type of person that?

1. Does not like conflict and tries to avoid it at all costs.

2. Finds hard to receive presents, help and when you do there is a need to "pay back" if not you feel guilty.

3. Cannot watch suffering, violence, negative news on TV and when you do, your sleep is disrupted and cannot think on the people suffering.

4. Meet with friends and can feel how they feel even if they do not show their feelings.

5. Has the need to help others,

6. Finds very hard to say no to requests even when it means to go against your gut feeling.

7. Needs to be in nature to balance energies

8. Etc, etc, etc

If you respond "Yes" to the majority of questions above I would invite you to take the empath quiz by Anita Moorjani, try it!! You will find out the type of empath you are!

Square Stage

I am an Empath, upps

Guess what? I am an empath myself and I have been in the path of becoming more empowered as an empath. I have to admit, I never said "no" in the past to requests from others until I run myself so empty of energies that I became sick and madly stressed at times. I have learnt that as an empath "I need to love myself as if my life depends on it". I have followed the work of Anita Moorjani for years as she is a master teaching empaths how to love themselves.

I love to work with empaths to help them find love, peace, power, freedom in themselves instead than in other people or things. Find the answers within is the way to stay truth to yourself, not falling into being a victim of the world and to be the co-creator of your life. You will find that the energy and love you need comes from an unlimited source within you and you won't need to look for it outside of you anymore. With my treatments I can help you to become a "Fully Empowered Empath", so world, watch out!!

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