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My Story

With time, I realised I was carrying a lot of pain and suffering and being the introvert that I was, I always internalised my emotions. Showing emotions in my family was not safe and while growing, I heard constant criticism about who I was and what I did. This made me feel a great deal of shame and insecurity of who I was. I adapted becoming a push-over, a people pleaser and a doormat.


All these unprocessed emotions and deep shame translated in depression, disconnection, hatred for myself and a constant struggle to cope with live in my 20s. It was in my 30s when I started my "way back to love" as I call it. I knew I needed a big deal of help at the time and even though I was in a very dark place I also knew that there was hope. Since then, I attended counselling sessions that allowed me to understand my family dynamic and how it affected me as a child and later in life. Understanding was the first step of healing but I also had unprocessed emotions of anger, resentment, grief that I did not know how to deal with.


I had no emotional awareness whatsoever and the fear of feeling anger was very scary. At times, when I allowed myself to feel anger I will go straight into uncontrollable rage. So then, I took part in "Empowered Relationships" classes that really helped me to regulate and process my emotions. This was an eye opener for me, I learned to be compassionate and kind to myself. In this way, I was healing all the unprocessed pain from childhood. Angelic Healing Sessions also reconnected me with that "Big Thing" energy I always felt when I was a child and I started to have very significant dreams and sudden intuitions like when a very close friend died and I dreamnt with her saying bye to me and telling me she was well. It was when I woke up that I received the news that she passed. This has happened a few times since. I decided to train as a Soul Empowerement Coach and Angelic Healer and I sometimes receive messages and images that the client needs to be communicated to. I am delighted to be able to assist and help others and this is my biggest passion in life.

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My Approach

Clients come to me for very different reasons. Some struggle with romantic, family relationships, others feel lost or stuck in life, some just look for guidance in relation to a particular decission, others feel that they have no control over their lives and feel that they are just surviving, going throug the motions with no say about the outcomes in their lives, others just want to find a bit of calm and peace. In the majority of cases, the person is looking for a way back to reconnect to themselves, they have lost sight of who they really are or they never had the opportunity to know who they are. During healing we may explore issues that arose in this life, in the family unit or even in the ancestral line or past lives.

  • Angelic Healing is not related to any religion, it is basically a Healing Energy Frequency that we all have access to. We just need to call the Energy of the Angels and Archangels and they will assist us. The Angels and Archangaels are  a Magnificent Unconditional Love and Support Energy. During the Angelic Healing Session I act as a vehicle to direct the energy into those energetic areas in the client that have become depleted or blocked. I sometimes get insights or see images related to the issue that I later communicate to the client.

  • Soul-Empowerment Coaching is another technique that allows the client to explore the source of a certain issue that they may be experiencing. With my guidance, both myself and the client put a plan together to resolve the issue at hand. The client gains in awareness and empowerement to decide the necessary steps he/she needs to take to find balance, peace and truth. During the coaching it may become apparent to the client and myself that other therapies (I.e. counselling, etc) may be needed to assist the client further.

  • Combined Sessions: Angelic Healing and Soul Empowerement Coaching are my favourite as the client expreses his/her concers thought 30 minutes of coaching bringing clarity to  most likely source of the issue. Next 30 minutes of Angelic Healing follow where I would focus the healing in the areas of the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual area that needs healing the most.

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