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Healing Touch

Angelic Energy Healing and Soul Empowerment Coach

About Me

Hi, you are very welcome to my website. My name is Isabel Valera and I am an Angelic Healer and Soul Empowerment Coach. I have worked as an Environmental Enforcement Officer and Marine Scientist for many years although my real passion is to assist and help people interested in their own self discovery. Since I was very young, I would question if there was more to this life that what we perceived with our senses. At difficult times, when I found myself lost and disconnected from the adults in my life, I always found comfort in the knowing that I was part of something very big, so big that I could not comprehend but I knew that "Big Thing" supported me fully.

When I was 10 years old, my friend's mum died of cancer and when my friend came to me crying about the lost of her mum I could feel her mum's presence. I heard her mum in my thoughts saying that she was always near my friend. I remember telling my friend about this and she asked me how I knew that and I just said: "because I can hear your mum". I did not think twice about this but I always knew that there was more to life that what we perceived.

I went on to study a Marine Sciences Degree as I loved the sea and ocean, worked in Aquaculture Research and Environmental Services but my real passion has always been to unravel emotions and understanding the source of my own and others' pain and suffering.

Something that has  always been common in my life is that I will find myself in situations when friends and even people I suddenly met would tell me about their lives. They would confide on me about their suffering, family problems and very private information. I loved to listen and even though I did not do anything to help, I could feel that only by listening without judgement would ease how they felt about the situation. Sometimes they would thank me for listening and for helping them but I was not sure why they thanked me for and how I helped them as I enjoyed listening and it eased my pain as much as theirs.

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"Love yourself like your life depends on it"

Anita Moorjani

I have learnt that if we do not give ourselves the love, time, respect, freedom we deserve nobody or nothing can give it to us, if we expect others or life to provide us with them, we fall victims of our own circumstances. Do all those things that bring you joy, surround yourself with friends and family who love, celebrate, respect and honour you as you are and let go of all of the people and things that do not. Love, peace, freedom, wisdom are within you, you are them!! Share them with the people that really  accept and support who you are and even when life throws difficulties at you, you will know you will be ok. Answers to your questions are within you. Ask to your Angels, Spirit Guides, Ancestors, your own heart and just give yourself time to listen. Look for the signs to your answers, they will be there along the way.

My Treatments

Angelic Energy Healing 45 min / 70 euros

One to One Online or In-Person sessions.  depending on Covid-19 restrictions and client's preference

Soul Empowerment Coaching 45 min / 70 euros

One to One Online or In-Person sessions depending on Covid-19 restrictions and client's preference

Combined Sessions: Angelic Healing and Soul Empowerment Coaching 1hr / 85 euros

One to One Online or In-Person sessions depending on Covid-19 restrictions and client's preference

5 Sessions Package Combo
5 hrs /300 euros

5 sessions combining Soul Empowerment Coaching and Angelic Healing to work on deep rooted trauma, relationship challenges, ancestral healing, etc. 

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"I had a few healing sessions with Isabel when I was in early pregnancy and it has given me a lot of comfort and calmed me exceptionally well. Isabel's presence and energy has done wonders to my anxiety and made me feel a lot better in my body and my mind. She explained me how we channel the energy from the Universe and our ancerstors, which made me feel supported in my journey  of maternity. Thanks so much Isa!"

B. S.

"Isabel is the best Healer I have ever been to. She is very professional, a genuine person and incredibly gifted healer who really knows her stuff. I really enjoyed the healings and found them very rewarding on many levels"

P. G.

"Highly recommended, it was a genuine experience. I had my healing session with Isa and was a very comforting and calming experience. During that same day I realised I had lots of positive energy that lasted all day. The athmosphere talking to Isa make you know hat you are with someone really special"

M. M.

"Isabel is a beautiful lady who had a beautiful energy. I have been very lucky to receive a number of healings off Isabel last year. These healings helped me immensely through a very challenging year. Isabel possesses a very unique ability to heal and access the divine light of the Angels! I would highly recommend Isabel if you are going through a difficult time or you simply want to heal, book a session with Isabel. It is good for the Soul!"

A. L.

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